Where Are Your Feet #1 - You Don't Move Unless They Do!

Where Are Your Feet? – #1 – You Don’t Move Unless They Do

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Sometimes I have so much going on inside my head I think it’s going to pop. I never had discipline my entire life. I’ve learned ways to take advantage of my strengths and work around my weaknesses too. One way I do that is by watching my feet.

For me, getting into the present moment is absolutely one hundred percent necessary. I have to be ‘a part of’ otherwise I become ‘apart from’. That just means if I’m not careful, I tend to get introverted and isolate a bit. And I’m a total extrovert.

As days go by, if I’m not on top of things, I will slowly lean away from the people, places and things that I love. I will get concerned with all kinds of stuff in my head, but I won’t be all that concerned about what’s going on around me. That hinders my relationships and my work ethic most.

Where are YOUR feet?

I know where mine are. I know they are not in the past. I also know my feet are not in the future. They are right here.

If I Don't Watch My Feet, Someone Will Make Me Watch Everyone Else's!

Being present means I get to accomplish something. If I’m not watching my feet, I’m pretty sure that I’ll get in trouble. If I’m not careful, someone will be making me watch feet and it probably won’t be my own.

I’ve managed to grow up on one side of the train tracks and start relationships on the other but it didn’t happen overnight. I spent a lot of time sitting around in Starbucks learning how to make friends with people that had lifestyles that were attractive to me.

I noticed they all had one thing in common. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves. They were entirely present in the moment.

I just had a conversation recently about being present in the moment with a close friend of mine. She was asking me how it was working for me. I was explaining to her what it’s like for me when I’m present and what it’s like for me when I’m not so present. Believe me, it’s not good when I drift away.


Take a look down and notice everything you can about your feet. Don’t ever take another minute for granted. Do this to the best of your ability. If you don’t have anything to do, ask yourself where your feet are. You don’t move unless they do. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Take the first step today!

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