Was My Password Leaked? - LastPass Enterprise Review!

Was My Password Leaked? – LastPass Enterprise Review

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LastPass Enterprise! The Last Password You Have To Remember!Product: LastPass Enterprise

Product Owner: Joe Siegrist & Robert Billingslea

Price: $24 per year, per user, up to 100. $20 per yer, per user, 101-1000. $18 per year, per user, 1001-10,000. Custom quotes for 10,000+ users.

Buyer Experience: 100/100

User Experience: 91/100

Value: 100/100

Overall Rating: 97/100

“The only problem I had with it was letting the default names of newly added accounts confuse me. One can create their own name for the account so as not to get confused. That’s what I do, now. Otherwise, it was a breeze and is now an absolute staple of my business.” -Victor Musch

First Impression

I was immediately attracted to the idea that I would never have to remember another password again. I had to admit to myself that I had never used truly secure passwords because it was such a pain.

Before the launch of this website, I knew I had to start using 14 character passwords with lower and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. But how are you supposed to remember something like ‘hJ<p3fBQ$L8oxY’? And if you just write it down, how many times do you think you will have to type that in before you actually get logged in? And how long will it take you to do that each time?

Most importantly, how long before you switch your password back to something like, oh, I don’t know, ‘password’ or ‘12345678’? Or you can be tricky and use ‘qwerty’ as your password. Then after you get hacked you’ll find out that ‘qwerty’ is the 2nd most popular word in passwords. What is the #1 most popular word used in passwords? I don’t even want to tell you. But it’s…


My first impression was very good. I was very  happy to learn that LastPass Enterprise was the premier password management solution. Even if you are just using it to secure your personal life, it’s still a bargain. Before I even started the free trial, I was totally excited. I can’t lie. I was geeked.

I knew that Michael Hyatt used it and I guess that was pretty much the most solid endorsement around. He’s the man. However, I had to be sure for myself.

Buyer Experience

LastPass Enterprise is sold in a straightforward manner. No upsells, no trickery, no stories, no flash. It’s just a great product at an encouragingly low price. I give Joe and Robert a 100/100 for the Buyer Experience.

User Experience

LastPass Enterprise automatically detected when I was creating a new account and asked me if I wanted to save the account in the Vault. Of course, that’s why I have it. But just in case, it always asks you to confirm the information. It’s very user friendly. With one click, you are logged back in for your next visit.

LastPass Enterprise Means You Protect, Manage and Optimize your Password Management!As my Vault started to get full, I noticed that my Categories needed to be defined more clearly. I created Categories such as Email, Marketing, Support, Affiliates, and more. Now every account saved in the Vault is in it’s proper Category and is easy to find.

When I log into a website, my information is already there for me to sign in. I do have multiple accounts to use so if I’m not signing into the default account at first, I simple click the little logo that appears inside the box to the right and a drop down menu displays the various different account names. I select the account, and away I go. It’s that simple.

I’ve saved a ton of time already. I don’t know what I would do without LastPass Enterprise at this point. It has become integral to my productivity. Without LastPass Enterprise I’d be worse than a lost puppy. Being as affordable as it is, it’s fine with be that I’ve become dependent upon it.

I did experience some issues when I allowed the Vault to use the default names when it made new accounts. I didn’t think to change or add anything to the names it automatically generates based on the site URL. Had I known then what I know now, I would have added a bit of information to determine which account is which,

I did get some accounts confused and I had to delete the account from the Vault, password reset the account through the provider and then, of course, give the account a very specific name in the LastPass Enterprise Vault. I don’t know how they come up with the default names but this program should definitely make the user pick a name for each account no matter what.

I’ve also had to manually create a few accounts through the ‘Add Site’ function. I think that happened twice compared to the 50 or 60 accounts it automatically saved. Little hangups aside, I give Joe and Robert a 91/100 for the User Experience. Can be technical in ways, but not very complicated at all.


I’ve seen some comparable stuff out there, however, I’m not the only one raving about LastPass Enterprise. Every other review I looked at before I reviewed it myself said the same exact thing. Truly the best and truly great value. I have to agree. I give Joe and Robert a 100/100 for the Value. It’s remarkable and affordable. I will use it forever.

Overall Rating

To be completely sold on a product or service is one thing, but to fall in love with it is another. I’m in love with this. In a healthy kind of way though. I totally respect our boundaries. After all, LastPass Enterprise is built on code. I’m built with DNA. It would never work out. Sorry LastPass. I know you love me too. All jokes aside though, it just makes my life so much easier.

The only problem I had with it was letting the default names of newly added accounts confuse me. One can create their own name for the account so as not to get confused. That’s what I do, now. Otherwise, it was a breeze and is now an absolute staple of my business.

With a straightforward Buyer Experience, a very decent User Experience that does get mildly technical at times, and extraordinary value, I give Joe and Robert a 97/100 for the Overall Rating.
LastPass Enterprise Means Saving Time and Money!


If you have sticky notes with passwords, this is for you. If you have little notebooks with passwords, this is for you. If you don’t currently use 14 character passwords that include lower and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols, then this is totally for you. I highly recommend that you use LastPass Enterprise whether it’s just for yourself, your family or your business.

You get a free 14 day trial so check it out. (For more details click here.)

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