Shoemoney System Scam

Shoemoney System Scam – Detailed Report with Pictures

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Product: Shoemoney System

Product Owner: Jeremy Schoemaker

Price: $9 at first, then two additional up-sells, first one varies, last one requests $47/month for additional Shoe-In Money System

Buyer Experience: 00/100

User Experience: 57/100

Value: 41/100

Overall Rating: 33/100

First Impression

I have to be honest, I was quite impressed, initially. I liked Jeremy’s blog and he seemed like a nice guy. I read a ton of his blogs and felt assured that I was going to be satisfied with the overall experience. I went into this with optimism.

After a squeeze page full of emotional life stories and an inspirational video, I shelled out the $9.00 and moved right along. So far it wasn’t so bad and my first impression was that it was going to be worth $9.00 to get the Shoemoney System.

Buyer Experience – 00/100

Shoemoney System Video Still of Jeremy While Comparing Himself to StarsSuddenly I was onto the next squeeze page that touted more stories, more pictures, some with big checks dated years ago, and more hard-selling techniques. I was starting to get frustrated and the optimism began to fade.

I was up-sold an additional amount that seems to vary according to the different reviews I’ve read, and after that I was onto a third page that revealed to me that although I had the Shoemoney System, that for an additional $47 per month I would get an even better system called the Shoe-In Money System.

I decided to wait and get the review of the Shoemoney System out first and then move on to the Shoe-In Money System review.

The selling techniques used against me, the up-sells and the tragic life stories bring Jeremy a rating of 00/100 for the Buyer Experience.

User Experience – 57/100

Although I would normally not have purchased the product, for the sake of the review, I continued. Also, I was beginning to be understanding of the fact that he uses dirty tricks to up-sell people because it is effective. All the classic emotional-response-triggering sales tactics that don’t work on me, well, they work on many others, so I tried to give the guy a break.

I remembered that Jeremy is a professional at getting people into the post opt-in state of hyper-compliance by starting slow and working his way up. It really is classic methodology that just irks me but I was willing to let it go and move on.

Inside the website I found 9 modules and a bonus module.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Making Big Money with Arbitrage
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Making Money with Facebook
  5. Building Your Brand
  6. List Building
  7. Local Affiliate Marketing
  8. Building Your Own Product
  9. Search Engine Optimization
  10. Bonus

Each module contained between 5 and 11 videos, nothing else. Of course I started with Module 1.

Module 1: Getting Started

Right away he does something that made my skin crawl. You can draw your own conclusions, but here’s what he said standing in front of the camera.

“Right now, I need your undivided attention. I need you to stop buying other stuff, I need you to unsubscribe from other “guru’s” mailing lists, I need you to stop dinking around on Faceook and Twitter, and I need you to focus on the Shoemoney System.” -Jeremy Schoemaker

I was thrown off by his body language and overall demeanor. He moves on to compare himself to Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Jimmy Johnson. He says when he was 12 he was already designing the logo for the Shoemoney System and imagining having it tiled into the bottom of a large swimming pool.

Jeremy goes on to explain that his system throttles you and holds you back intentionally because other systems make you pay thousands of dollars one time and then bombard you with content and then just disappear. He says they are not there for you, and they are not there to support you. He says he absolutely guarantees your success with ‘baby steps’. I don’t know what systems he is referring to because I’ve never found anything like that at any legitimate corner of the internet.

In the Getting Started module he finishes off with saying this.

“Tomorrow you’re going to get your first piece of content, but right now what I want you to do it take out a piece of paper and a pen and make a list. One. What kind of house do you see yourself living in. Is it a split level? Is it a fricken giant mansion? Is it a ranch, like, I’m a ranch kind of guy myself. Two. What kind of car do you see yourself driving? Is it a Ferrari? Is it a Corvette? Is it a Hummer? Is it a Pinto? I don’t know, it better not be a Pinto. Three. I want you to think about how much money you’re going to make in a year. Is it $20,000? $50,000? $100,000? $500,000? This is a serious thing that you need to think about because you need to come to reality.” – Jeremy Schoemaker

Module 2: Making Big Money with Arbitrage

Shoemoney System Video Still Seems DishonestAt this point he explains what arbitrage is. The definition of arbitrage is basically buying in one market and selling it at a profit in another market. He says pretty much that. Then he claims you can buy from Amazon and sell on Craigslist at a profit.

After that he assures that how you can buy things on eBay Canada and sell them on eBay USA. Then he backtracks and says it’s actually the other way around. His confused look goes away quickly, he gets back to the script, and his actress gal goes on to her script, botches it, agrees with everything he’s saying like she had a personal experience with Harry Potter books when they were popular.

Modules 3 through 10 (Bonus)

I’m going to go through this quickly because there are, like I said, about 5-11 videos per module, and I don’t want to waste any more of your time going over his surface level explanations of the business.  Jeremy gets a 57/100 for User Experience. It was pretty terrible.


I’m having a hard time getting a refund. If you look at other reviews you’ll see that a lot. I’m going to go directly through my credit card because that will save me the headache. I should have known that something was fishy when I saw this.


He tries to make the small video library seem deliberate when it’s really just a small video library. They are all playable from the start. The part in the review where I told you how he says, “Tomorrow you’re going to get your first piece of content, but right now let’s make the list,” …of homes, cars and money. That part, I still don’t get it. I never got anything the next day. I just had access to the videos right away and that was that.

Here, take a closer look at the message that the red arrow is pointing to in case your browser makes it harder to see.


As I said, all of the videos were available right away. There was nothing extra added and nothing was emailed to me. I hope you got a lot out of this review. You should probably not buy into Jeremy’s funnel. I recommend that you don’t buy the Shoemoney System.

Overall Rating of 33/100.

As I said towards the beginning of the review, I will rate the Shoe-In Money System separately. That system is an up-sell within the Shoemoney System and it costs $47 per month.

My #1 Top Pick

I don’t want to leave you hanging so here’s a link to my review of the best training network. They have free starter accounts for up to two websites with training and support. It’s really neat. To read that review click here right now!

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