Lead Pages Service, or THE LeadPages Service - Is There a Substitute?

Lead Pages Service, or THE LeadPages Service – Is There a Substitute?

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LeadPages is the Easiest Way to Create Landing Pages!Product: LeadPages (Standard, Pro and Enterprise)

Product Owner: Clay Collins

Price: $37 per month for Standard,  $67 per month for Pro and $97 per month with Enterprise (save between 31-57% with annual and 2 year billing options).

Buyer Experience: 100/100

User Experience: 95/100

Value: 98/100

Overall Rating: 97.6/100

“Within minutes of learning exactly what I could do with LeadPages I did in fact become more than a reviewer, I became a customer, and am still one today. My first impression was… what is the term I’m looking for… blown away? Yeah, that’s probably the right one.” -Victor Musch

First Impression

Webinars are awesome. I attend a ton of them. It was a LeadPages webinar that got me hooked. I had always intended on reviewing LeadPages so I figured that attending a few of their webinars would be a good idea.

From education to promotion, LeadPages does it right. I was very impressed with LeadPages from the beginning and was pretty aware that I was going to become more than just a reviewer of their product. Within minutes of learning exactly what I could do with LeadPages I did in fact become more than a reviewer, I became a customer, and am still one today. My first impression was… what is the term I’m looking for… blown away? Yeah, that’s probably the right one.

Buyer Experience

I had been looking at reviews and inspecting their website in the hours before my first seminar began. The pricing structure was very straightforward and competitive. From what I read it was worth every penny.

During the webinar I was taught a lot about how to use the product. LeadPages webinars are great. I highly recommend you attend them regularly. Naturally, I proceeded to their website and signed up so I could start using the system and write this review. I give Clay a 100/100 for Buyer Experience. Very straightforward.

User Experience

Before I ever used it myself, I listened to what the leaders of the industry had to say about LeadPages. Here are some of their testimonies. I give full credit to these experts for their examination of the product.

“LeadPages is the best landing page software I’ve ever seen.” -James Schramko, Founder SuperFastBusiness.com

“LeadPages.net is the most effective and best priced landing page product on the market. Use it and see your conversions increase.” -Michael Port, NY Times Best Selling Author of “Book Yourself Solid Illustrated”

LeadPages includes 3 tools. LeadPages, LeadBoxes and LeadLinks.


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After successfully testing the double opt-in process, the LeadPages team was surprised to find out that it converted higher than the industry standard single opt-in. That gave birth to the LeadBoxes tool where your potential subscriber simply clicks on a designated link, image, button or text to have a window pop up that asks for whatever information it is that you require, usually just name and email.

Technically, your potential subscriber is saying yes by clicking on the LeadBox before they are asked for their email and that’s the psychology behind the double opt-in process.


Now potential subscribers can join a list, sublist, or subscribe to a webinar with a simple click. No need to opt-in or give additional information. That makes it easier than ever before to see conversion rates boosted.

LeadPages is by far the Easiest Way to Create Landing Pages!

Also, with LeadPages, you can publish your LeadPage or LeadBox directly to Facebook, WordPress, or your own server with a single click. I was impressed to see how easy and convenient that was. I’ve been thinking of ways to deploy those features every day.

Initially I was afraid that the LeadBoxes would load funny on mobile devices and tablets. I tested my own LeadBoxes with my smartphone and was pleased with the mobile responsiveness. I looked at them from almost every device known to man by making my friends click on my LeadBoxes on this website with their assorted Android and Apply products and everything loaded beautifully. Navigating through the opt-in process was just as easy as it is on a PC or MAC. No restrictions for mobile functionality meant a lot to me.

I use MailChimp myself and was happy that LeadPages integrates seamlessly with them. In fact, they integrate with more email marketing platforms than any competing service. In few clicks you will be all set.

LeadPages load very fast. I was impressed with the speed. Come to find out, they are hosted on Google’s lightning fast network and that doesn’t cost me anything extra. Of course I can self host as well, but why would I do that?

So after loads of fun I wanted to see how my first ad campaign went. The stats were great. The built-in analytics helped me see how everything was performing. I could pull up conversion rates, unique visitors, graphs and more in seconds. I thought that was pretty neat.

As I tried to learn more and more I ended up attending another a webinar on split testing. It looked very easy to do with LeadPages. If you want to try two campaigns, one with a tweaked headline or a difference in design, you can run a split test and see what is working out better for your target audience and stick to the more successful of the two campaigns tested.

What you do is you keep trying something different and running new split campaigns, always sticking with the winner, always creeping your conversion rates up, up and away with each campaign. I’m about to launch my first one. I’m excited.

As a user, my experience was outstanding. I did have some problems with headlines that loaded too big on mobile devices and I had to teach myself the limits of the LeadBox so make sure to test, test, test and you won’t be a dummy like me. Also, I had a couple hangups with MailChimp but that has nothing to do with LeadPages. The integration would have been seamless if I didn’t have to import my list to MailChimp first. But remember, this is a brand spanking new website. Our list is brand spanking new too! So everyone is forgiven for the little hangups I had. I give Clay a 95/100 for the User Experience.
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I’m a LeadPages Pro member doing 2 year billing so there’s a lot of value in that! I’d recommend that you at least get annual billing to save between 31 and 57% on the monthly price. However, if you go month to month to try it out, you can always upgrade at any time.

If you aren’t sure about the product, it is back by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can’t go wrong with that. It’s an unconditional, NO questions asked kind of money back guarantee so feel free to try it out. I give Clay a 99/100 for Value.

Overall Rating

LeadPages is By Far the Fastest Way to Create Landing Pages in the Industry!With such a straightforward Buyer Experience, a fun and easy to use interface and a ton of value, it’s no wonder that LeadPages is one of the highest ranking services I’ve ever reviewed. Like I said earlier in the article, I became more than just a reviewer. I’m a happy customer now. I give Clay an overall rating of 97.6/100 for his product LeadPages. The entire team is fantastic.


I’m absolutely sure that LeadPages will help you grow your online business. I highly recommend that you use this product.
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