How to Use SEO Keywords in Pictures

How to Use SEO Keywords in Pictures

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Today I was getting some things straightened out with my website security when I realized that I didn’t even think to talk about this little tip I learned about a week ago. I could have easily taken it for granted or passed right over it as I looked for inspiration finding something else to write about.

Since you want to know how to use SEO Keywords in pictures, you’re reading the right article, but first let me give you a little bit of helpful information before you run off and keyword pack a picture.

Google is Smart

Google is a lot smarter today then she was in 2008 and 2009. Do you remember when websites were stuffed with keywords and meta-data and backlinks and forwardlinks and sidewayslinks all over and the experience was just progressively getting worse? I do! That doesn’t work anymore.

What Happened to Those Guys Anyways?

That was then, this is now. Google crushed those black-hat SEO guys and is constantly hovering her thumb over the internet waiting for an exploitation like ‘unnatural SEO formation’ and sudden appearances of backlinks or hyperlinks to your site so she can once again gloriously stamp the life out of the next mad hatter that thinks they’re smarter than Google. C’mon, no one is. So play by her rules.

“…just do what you love and publish it online.”

-Victor Musch

Sharing is Caring!

What Google wants is real content. Real means this, just do what you love and publish it online. Your SEO won’t even matter until you have become an ‘authority’ in your niche. Niche just means your little corner of the internet. Google won’t care about you, no matter what SEO tricks you deploy, until you have attracted a social following and get regular clicks.

Authority Takes Time

 Don’t go and spam everyoneThat doesn’t mean that it’s hopeless for you. Don’t go and spam the world in a clever way (that hasn’t been done before…) and don’t try to find the secret words you can put in the secret order that will instantly make you an authority in that secret realm whence Google will bless thee with thine glorious front page showing on the SERPs. Relax and just work towards your goals. Don’t panic. Just write good content.

And don’t forget about your pictures.

How to Use SEO Keywords in Pictures

However unbelievable this may seem to you, there are only two things that Google really looks at when it comes to your pictures.

  1. Image Title.
  2. Alternate Text.

The image title should be a catchy but not over-used keyword. For the best tips on how to pick out keywords read this article.

If you already have an idea what keyword you want to use then format the Image Title text with hyphens in between the letters. It should look like this:


Format the Alternate Text as it should be read. Screen readers and other assistive and adaptive technologies will use this so Google expects it to be right. Like this:

Really Awesome Keyword I Want to Use

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