How To Live The Dream - Tip: First You Have To Catch It

How To Live The Dream – Tip: First You Have To Catch It

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Does it ever feel like you’re missing out?

Like many people around the world, I often times find that I’m not one hundred percent fulfilled in my life when it comes to those funny little ideas I’ve always had about where I wanted to be with my life at any given age or before any imagined milestone. Those ideas and those impulses, desires, nudges, passions, they don’t always scream at you. Sometimes they go away. But you don’t have to lose hope. And how to live the dream – it’s not as subjective as you think.

I Don’t Feel Like I’m Missing Out On Anything Anymore

It wasn’t always that way. That kind of feeling used to be the norm for me. It was my default. The product of my stale life was a constant nagging feeling that I was missing the boat. And then it clicked.

So how did I do it? I’m not always living a stellar and fulfilling moment but I’m always moving in that direction. How to live the dream is to simply live it.

No More Excuses

A common trait all people have is fear. Sometimes it causes us to hesitate. Sometimes it causes us to think for too long, to ponder, to pontificate endlessly until our minds have made a mountain out of a mole hill. You see, a sleeping dream is made up of things like that but we’re not talking about those kinds of dreams right now. We’re talking about the ones that come as a result of the steps we take during our waking hours. They can make or break the overall satisfaction we have in our lives.

Generally speaking, people feel content with themselves for far too long while they compromise with complacency. Why? We don’t necessarily mean to, but it’s because a lot of us don’t appreciate the sun until it starts to snow, if you know what I mean.

If you’re following me, then get a load of this. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can live the dream. You can start now.


I challenge you today to do something that makes you uncomfortable. Do something you didn’t plan. Do something you’ve always felt your spirit leaning towards and ignore any looming fear that has stopped you from taking that step into the unknown.

Take my challenge right now. Shock yourself. Show yourself your dreams are not behind solid barriers of fear.

Take the first steps toward your dreams today.

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