How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast And Furious

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast And Furious

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I’m going to keep this one super simple because there is a lot of misinformation on the web today.

In fact, how to get traffic to your website fast and furious – like the movie, if you didn’t catch the pun yet, is so simple that you’ll probably navigate away from my page and go sit in the corner somewhere.

Are You Back From The Corner? Great!

Some days I get almost a thousand pageviews and hundreds of unique visitors to my blog. That might not seem like a big deal – except for the fact that my website is 6 days old. I’m pulling those numbers after six days.

Analytics Proof September 19, 2014The funny thing about it is that I don’t have anything all that special going on. I have the Pro version of All-In-One SEO doing the dirty work for me, of course, but there’s actually a really important tactic I employ that saves me time and money.

Keyword Research Using Alphabet Soup Technique and Jaaxy

Have you ever noticed that when you start typing up a storm on Google that it starts to predict what you want? I use that to my advantage.

When I’m narrowing down my decisions and am becoming more focused on a single topic that I’m really passionate about going over with my followers I use the Alphabet Soup Technique to see what Google wants me to write about. It’s our little way of communicating with one another. Google tells me what to write.

Google Doesn’t Always Know What She ‘Really’ Wants

However, I’m not always thrilled with what Google wants me to do because I’m afraid it’s getting way too much competition so I have to make sure that I’m going to be writing about something that catches traffic from unique search terms that aren’t used and abused. Search terms that an SEO guru won’t come up with off the top of his head. Terms that most people are missing. I go after these terms using Jaaxy.

When I have something I’ve discovered using the Alphabet Soup Technique I go straight to Jaaxy. I get the best keyword analytics instantly. I find new ideas and I pull the trigger faster than a cowboy with a grudge. I get my content out there, I publish it, and then I move on to my next project – it’s that simple. You get 30 free searches so try a couple yourself in the box below.

If you are afraid you won’t make it back to this page just bookmark it first. That’s always a nice thing to do so you can navigate back if you dive into a rabbit hole. Press CTRL+D on your keyboard and then go play with Jaaxy.

Isn’t Jaaxy awesome? I bet you didn’t see that one coming. I told you I was going to keep it super simple with this one, and I did. Content is King. But not just any content.

The Right Content

This is also super simple. After you have used the Alphabet Soup Technique to see what Google wants you to do and it checks out with Jaaxy, you have yourself a title that is sure to please not just your readers, but Google herself. She’s going to be so ecstatic that she’ll throw you up the rankings faster than you could even dream and you’ll be posting screenshots of your website’s analytics just like I did.

The Breakdown

That stuff is very self explanatory. There are just a couple things I want to warn you about. Don’t keyword pack. Just use the title you created. Don’t repeat the title over and over. Just once or twice. Notice mine is only repeated once in my first or second paragraph. And don’t wait to start writing better content. Use your 30 free searches to your advantage and see for yourself from the results.

Still a newbie but you wish you could do something like this? Then you need to read this blog and then you’ll be well on your way. Jaaxy will be waiting for you.

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