Facebook's Audience Network - New Mobile Ad Platform

Facebook’s Audience Network – New Mobile Ad Platform

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“Finding out that companies like Walgreens are getting 4-5X better click-through rates makes me trust that Facebook will send me better qualified visitors than ever before!” -Victor Musch

I’m reading everything about Facebook’s Audience Network, the new Mobile Ad Platform, and I’m getting pretty stoked. After announcing Audience Network at f8 in April, Facebook today has officially launched the new network. Many comparisons have been made about Facebook and Google targeting data and now Facebook is going to be able to leverage this data to deliver targeted ads to users through 3rd party apps on their mobile devices.

This puts Audience Network into competition with Google, Yahoo, Twitter, and many other big and not-so-big ad networks and many are speculating big success for Facebook. The 3rd party apps that use Audience Network can select from three types of ad display: banner ads, interstitial ads and native ads.

Facebook Audience Network Ad Displays.

Experts expect this to jump Facebook share in mobile ads from 16.5 percent of worldwide mobile ad revenues to 20.4 percent this year while Google’s share is estimated to drop from 46.4 percent to 44.6 percent. These numbers may trend to a downright showdown.

Prior to Audience Network, Facebook ad revenue was plateaued. They can only pester their own users with so many ads before they start to turn people off. Now it appears as though Facebook will finally cash in the chips on all the data it’s been collecting by delivering ads through 3rd party apps.

If you don’t like the idea of being creeped on like this, I get it. You can opt out of this stuff. iOS users can go to Settings->Privacy->Advertising and then enable “Limit Ad Tracking”. Android users can go to Google Settings and opt out of interest tracking in the Advertising ID options there.

More Money For Everyone

With targeting data powering a very specific direction, now app developers just need to install Audience Network and cash the checks. It’s really that simple. No more working with independent ad networks and working with what seems like caveman tools already to use limited information about the target market they were reaching and hoping for the best results.

It’s all down to a science so that the app developer can focus on what is most important, writing code for awesome app functionality and of course, cashing checks from Facebook. Three step processes are sweet, right? Is it just me, I don’t know.

Three Steps to Set Up Audience Network for App Developers

Shazam, Zynga, Deezer, IGN, Merriam Webster, Vinted, Wooga and many more app developers are taking advantage of the 1.5 million active advertisers and Facebook’s targeting data and trusting Audience Network to place those adverts in the right places at the right times in their apps. I’ve seen some of the ads on apps. Very sketchy at best more often than not. Conversions will be optimized and app users will become customers.

App developers aren’t the only ones smiling. Walgreens has announced a boost to the reach of it’s ads by 5 percent. They also report more than quadrupling their click-through rate. Finding out that companies like Walgreens are getting 4-5X better click-through rates makes me trust that Facebook will send me better qualified visitors than ever before.

It seems as though Facebook hit a grand glam, batting home Android, iOS, Windows users alike with such an improvement to an already huge mobile ad share by launching Audience Network. I look forward to watching my stats! I’ll keep you posted. (For more information click here.)

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