All-in-One SEO Pack Pro - Premium Wordpress Plugins

All-in-One SEO Pack Pro – Premium WordPress Plugins

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All-in-One SEO Pack Pro Premium PluginProduct: All-in-One SEO Pack Pro

Product Owner: Michael Torbert

Price: 0$ for All-in-One SEO Pack, Limited Time Sale: $79.00 $39.00 for All-in-One SEO Pack Pro

Buyer Experience: 100/100

User Experience: 93/100

Value: 98/100

Overall Rating: 97/100

“All-in-One SEO Pack Pro is the most powerful of the premium WordPress plugins for optimizing your SEO. The free version is the #1 most downloaded plugin for WordPress. It’s easy to use yet packed with automated features. So much is done without you ever even touching it. It gives every WordPress user the competitive edge towards growing their search engine results page rankings.” -Victor Musch

Although I’m reviewing the Pro version, most average WordPress developers have the free version. I upgraded immediately in order to have access to support and updates that only come from the premium subscription. The Pro version also comes with a Feature Manager and plugin modules, XML Sitemap Generator module, Performance module, better user interface, ability to edit your Meta data using Quick Edit, and also advanced custom post type options.

First Impression

I was thrilled with this plugin from the beginning. It starts generating SEO for you right out of the box. A newbie would be just fine. Curious about any given feature? You can access support from inside the plugin interface. It’s that easy. I was highly impressed from the start.

Buyer Experience

SEO Tips: 5 Things Every WordPress Owner Must KnowVery easy to upgrade. No up-sells or sales trickery. Just a straightforward company with a straightforward product so there is obviously no need for them to ‘sell’ anybody anything because this product sells itself.

There are multiple options for the length of support you’d like to pay for. You can pay 79.00 then $10.00 every month, $79.00 then $35.00 every 6 months, or $79.00 then $49.00 every 12 months. You can also purchase a Support and Updates Subscription without going Pro for $49.00 every 12 months. I give Michael a 100/100 for the Sales Experience.

User Experience

From the get go it is evident that All-in-One SEO Pro is designed with the user in mind. The interface is well done. The settings are grouped into categories to make tweaking any particular aspect of your SEO to your own specifically tailored requirements a breeze. However, I would recommend that if you don’t exactly have a plan in mind when changing a setting, leave the default settings alone.

This plugin generates your SEO for you without any assistance. Changing something might actually negatively impact your SEO.

All in One SEO Pack Pro version
Features Are Grouped into Categories
  • General Settings
  • Home Page Settings
  • Keyword Settings
  • Title Settings
  • Custom Post Type Settings
  • Display Settings
  • Webmaster Verification
  • Google Settings
  • Noindex Settings
  • Advanced Settings
 General Settings

In the General Settings category you will find a place to put your License Key (provided upon upgrading to Pro), a checkbox for whether or not you wish to use Canonical URLs, No Pagination for Canonical URLs, Use Original Title, Use Markup, and Log important events. Default settings are fine here.

Home Page Settings

In here you will put your own Home Title, Home Description and Home Keywords. If you are uncertain what to do, Google some ideas.

Keyword Settings

You will, by default, have Keywords enabled. You can also choose to Use Categories for META keywords, Use Tags for META keywords, and to Dynamically Generate Keywords for Posts Page here.

Title Settings

These are all automatically done for you. If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t change any of this stuff.

Custom Post Type Settings

This is all by default just fine.

Display Settings

Here you can select or deselect different Display Settings to Show Column Labels for Custom Post Types, Display Menu In Admin Bar and also to Display Menu At The Top of your WordPress Dashboard.

Webmaster Verification

In order to verify your website with Google, Bing and Pinterest, you have to put your verification numbers into the fields provided here. You won’t have to do that right away.

Google Settings

In here you will sync your Google+ Profile, as well as enable Advanced Authorship Options such as Displaying Google Authorship, Displaying Publisher Meta on Front Page, and Specifying Publisher URL. Also, you will sync your Google Analytics ID and have the option to use Universal Analytics. If you have a Tracking Domain you can put it here. Also, if you want to Track Multiple Domains, Anonymize IP Addresses, use “Display Advertising” Tracking, Exclude Users From Tracking, and Track Outbound Links you have full customization here. By default, these setting are fine if you aren’t ready to implement all that stuff.

Noindex Settings

Here you can choose what you don’t wish to be Indexed by Search Engines. Default settings are fine if you aren’t sure what to request a noindex for.

Advanced Settings

The only thing I have going on here is Autogenerating Descriptions. I wouldn’t mess with the rest of the settings here unless you are a regular whiz.

I’m very pleased with the overall User Experience. It’s not only easy to use All-in-One SEO Pack Pro, it’s a time saver because of everything it does for you. Some of the settings are very tricky to understand and you may need to dig a little deeper than you thought to figure out whether you want to take advantage of something that isn’t activated by default. I believe that there is room for improvement in a couple of these categories even though this plugin is widely regarded as the best I think it will be even better after the next update. I give Michael a 93/100 for the User Experience.


All in One SEO Pack Pro versionAt $79.00 you can’t beat the value here. This tool will give you the SEO  you need to get noticed on a silver platter. That is worth as much as your own weight in gold. If you are creating content every day like I am, you need this tool in order to stay productive and not get sidetracked by tedious side-jobs like tweaking SEO.

Let All-in-One SEO Pack Pro to the behind the scenes SEO Optimization for you while you focus on what you really love, creating content. Because of the incredible benefits you get with this plugin I give Michael a 98/100 for the Value.


You can get a huge discount for a limited time. The retail price of $79.00 is not bad, however, you can click here to get All-in-One SEO Pack Pro for $39.00. Not only will you get a discount, you will get unlimited downloads to use the plugin on as many WordPress sites as you want.

You will also automatically get all upgrades to All in One SEO Pack Pro for as long as you maintain a subscription. Finally, you will have more than just professional support from the developers of All in One SEO Pack, you can stop by here and ask me a question anytime.
Save 30% like they did during the launch celebration by clicking right here.

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