The Dudes

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Mark | The CEO

We literally just opened! So we’ll tell you more as soon as we can but for now I just want you to know that Mark is the Boss. He writes the checks.

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Victor | Creative Director/Blogger

Hey, this is me! I’m the one who is putting all the puzzle pieces together for the whole world to see. I’m the real Boss! Shhh, don’t tell Mark!

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Our mission is to help the motivated yet overwhelmed individual who aspires to be self employed by offering reviews and other great content. We prove anyone can learn how to start a simple yet powerful online business. Our primary purpose is to help others avoid the many pitfalls that are out there, and more importantly, help them take the right steps forward with the right products and services that will help them reach their potential. Click here to get a jump-start on your business right now!

What We Do

Watch TV
Eat Taco Bell
Check Emails
Review Stuff and Write Articles
Drag Race

  • Charlie Lewis

    I noticed your website is new. I laughed so much while I looked around that I did bookmark you and I will be back to watch your progress. I never heard of wealthy affiliates before your post and I looked into them a little deeper and found a ton of reviews that say pretty much the same thing. I might have to try this, well, I am going to but didn’t want to start the trial until this weekend. Thanks again. And enjoy your drag racing and taco bell!!! Haha

    • http://www.howcanibeselfemployed.com/ Victor Musch

      Hi Charlie and yes, it is only a couple days old. I’m guessing you have more time this weekend? I found Wealthy Affiliate through reviews myself when I first was introduced. I had this website built and was still on the fence about a lot of things but I’ve finally pulled the trigger! Thanks for bookmarking me! Drag racing, yes, well, let’s just say John Chow isn’t the only one with a Mercedes :)