10 Things Give Up Happiness - 10 Opposites Bring It Back

10 Things Give Up Happiness – 10 Opposites Bring It Back

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Part of being self employed is being self reliant. Today I was sitting in my chair reading tons of stuff on the internet when I got the idea to write about my day candidly.

Aside from the everyday rituals of running a website, there is a lot of freedom. Creativity is required to make the most out of the moments where I could go one of a dozen different ways. Productivity is a huge focus of mine at this stage of the game because I’m learning everything one step at a time. But what happens when I lose steam and don’t know which way to go?

Actually, that happens all the time. I’m constantly trying to develop better routines to make my days more productive. But nothing hangs me up more than unhappiness. When something derails me, my day changes quickly. I can really go flat if I don’t do something about it quickly.

Moving On

Aside from moving on and taking care of more important things than whatever it is that makes me unhappy, there are some secrets I’ve learned today that will change my life forever. Practices that seem common sense but that never truly got through to me any other day, or at least didn’t really appeal to me when they were all on their own. Individually these items on the list have not really stood out on too many occasions when I was scratching my head wondering what bogged me down. Collectively, they are far more powerful than they are alone. I’ve put this list together for myself really, and for my readers to look at if they need a boost. Or more importantly, want to prevent a bummer.

Sometimes not dwelling on it isn’t enough. Sometimes you can’t move on. Sometimes you participated in something that you didn’t realize was unhealthy for your mood and detrimental to your happiness. This list should help you as much as it helps me.

The 10 Things That Give Up Happiness

1. Anger

This one is a given. It’s first because it is so obvious but here’s what’s not so obvious. The little pet peeves that tick us off. Anger burns a hole in the heart of the one who carries it. Let it out in a healthy way and move on.

2. Worry

Haven’t you ever been told not to be a “worry wort?” I know I have been told similar things. Here’s why. Worrying creates too much attention to the future and will cause you anxiety and extra stress you don’t need.

3. Dwelling

We’ve all made mistakes, we’ve all been the victim of another person and their mistakes, but why hold on to it? Like worrying, dwelling takes as away from today. It takes us to the past and causes depression you could live without.

4. Catastrophizing

Don’t worry if you never heard this word, I had to teach my spellcheck what it was and add it to my dictionary too. It means blowing things out of proportion. Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill, you have enough on your plate.

5. Insecurity

You ARE enough. You always will be and you always have been. No one is perfect, no one is completely useless, but everyone is completely enough. Besides, no one is really watching you all that closely anyways, you can breath.

6. Gossiping

Remember when someone told you that if someone talks bad about another person to you they will probably talk bad about you to another person? Don’t be that person. One hundred percent of gossip is speculation anyways.

7. People Pleasing

Bill Cosby said “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.” That about sums it up. You can’t please everyone in the room. Use dinner party etiquette but don’t over-extend yourself.

8. Taking Everything Personally

Most people’s reactions will have nothing to do with you. There is a wide range of reasons that people act the way that they do. Most people are too busy to even realize if they’ve personally offended you. Let it go quickly and move on.

9. Controlling Attitude

No one is on top of everything. People learn and grow each day. Virtually everything is outside of our control and even what seems in our control is just an illusion. Relax and do your best. Everything will work out if you work hard.

10. Caring What Everyone Thinks

This is last on the list but certainly not the least of your troubles. Caring what other people think wastes your valuable time each day that could be spent thinking about what you want and what you need. Take care of number 1.

The 10 Opposites That Bring It Back

1. AcceptanceThe 10 Opposites That Bring It Back

2. Hope

3. Focus

4. Optimism

5. Confidence

6. Integrity

7. Ingenuity

8. Understanding

9. Adaptability

10. Self-esteem


Nothing is worth it unless you’re happy and content. Anything that tries to drag you down is just an anchor that will hold you tightly to a bad experience. Learn to let go of the small stuff. (It’s all small stuff).

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